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Magic Stitching provides a complete couture service.


Whether its a simple copy of a favourite dress or a new project, our team gives a design consultation to let you explore your unique personal style. The rough sketch of the design is made, costed and agreed upon. All patterns are made from scratch. A basic toile fit is done followed by the actual garment to get that perfect fit.


We offer uniquely tailored clothing for anyone. Our tailors will skillfully blend their judgment and artistry with the rules of fashion and tradition. 


No amount of fine cloth will make up for poor fit. 

None is ‘standard’, so it is strange that people are satisfied with a standard fit for their clothes.

For more than a few, the skills of a tailor can make a dramatic improvement to the fit of any clothing. A well-fitted clothes enable the sort to appear (and feel) taller, the young older and even the shy extroverted.

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